Wild winds of change( poem)

Wild winds A country being destroyed from within The feeling of dread for the year ahead. Paradise lost by a deceiving liar Surrounded by wayward intent Our heritage and future put to risk The freedoms and liberty We know so well Going down like pins in a bowling al Another year would be to much … Continue reading Wild winds of change( poem)

Watershed Moment

Jacinda Ardern`s Watershed Moment Opinion: Groundswell NZ is having a big demonstration this Sunday all over New Zealand (Mother of all Protests). Included in this is also about Three Waters Reforms that the government is trying to impose on the whole country, which most of the councils in New Zealand have said "NO" to. There is … Continue reading Watershed Moment

Clouds of the future(poem)

A government determined to pull it all down Rebuilding it with Jacinda`s crown. A country divided against itself, cannot stand in harmony, A future poor is what it will be. This socialist philosophy Intent on destroying democracy. The right to go for a swim at the beach, or climb a mountain full of fresh air … Continue reading Clouds of the future(poem)