How well do you know your PM?

You will know them by their fruits

Matthew 7:15-20 


I have put together some clips that I hope show just what New Zealand has got for a prime minister. So, what`s behind all the smiles and non stop talking….

I think you will be surprised what Jacinda Ardern thinks about capitalism  As a country we are getting close to a Vote of No Confidence in this government. Have we got the courage to put this party out of power and go to the vote to restore democracy in New Zealand?  What`s happening is beyond anything we have ever  experienced before.

I have noticed people are becoming very quiet and I think many do not feel safe anymore. If this is allowed to continue, goodness knows, where we will end up. It takes courage to stand up to this kind of tyranny  Individually that`s hard to do but we have the numbers, we don`t have to be walked over like this. We have, not to my knowledge, ever had to put out a government as we are a live and let live kind of society, many would say “laid back”. So takes quite a bit for us to rise up to bring about change. They did it in Australia 1975, a government with to many reforms, they would not call an election and had there money supply blocked .

All my life I have felt safe in New Zealand, anywhere I went I felt safe. I don`t anymore, safety and the peace to live are things we have taken for granted. Law and order, fairness, honesty, a very good police force – these things we have been used to. So much of this is being put at risk by a government, imposing a form of control and a political system that is totally not in keeping with the New Zealand way of  life. 



Comrade Jacinda Ardern

“Comrade” Jacinda Ardern

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