The story of the Trojan Horse

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… is well known. As a child I used to listen in to Sunday morning Requests on radio. It was a magical time to be a child, living in Auckland, people would write in and request stories that they liked. I would snuggle up and go off to faraway places. We didn`t have tv or internet then.

Anyway, back to the point. The Greeks for 10 years had laid siege to the city of Troy to no avail. They just could not win this battle by conventional methods. So the legend goes they built a very large wooden horse. Inside they put some people then the army sailed away. The people of Troy opened the gates and wheeled the wooden horse into the city.  However, under cover of darkness the Greeks sailed back to Troy. The people hidden inside the horse got out, opened the gates and let the Greek army in. There by winning the battle after 10 years.

Wikipedia states the more, modern meaning of a Trojan Horse as `

Modern metaphorical use

The term “Trojan horse” is used metaphorically to mean any trick or strategy that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected place; or to deceive by appearance, hiding malevolent intent in an outwardly benign exterior; to subvert from within using deceptive means.

That is a bit like what`s happening in New Zealand at the moment with a government committed to a form of governance that we have never had before. Three Water Reforms is a really good example of this. Maori in New Zealand are pushing for co-governance, a 50-50 partnership in running of the country.

This has never been voted on or even considered by the rest of New Zealand! 

The Three Water Reforms is a good example of this where the government is by force making the people of this land accept shared governance of water with Maori. This is the Trojan Horse of this government in it`s future for New Zealand. 

My question is that all of us need the chance to have a say what kind of government we want to live under. Any attempt to resist this reform is meet by the minister with accusations of racism and everybody goes quiet because nobody wants to look `racist`. This has become a very unhealthy environment and has stopped any meaningful debate.

I fully support the desire by Māori to improve their lives and they need to do what`s best for them, but the division of our political system is a disaster waiting to happen.

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