Watershed Moment

Jacinda Ardern`s Watershed Moment


Groundswell NZ is having a big demonstration this Sunday all over New Zealand (Mother of all Protests). Included in this is also about Three Waters Reforms that the government is trying to impose on the whole country, which most of the councils in New Zealand have said “NO” to. There is an underlying anger around the country that no amount of spin will quench. And there lies the problem for the PM . 

I have stated earlier (https://south-peaks.com/constitution-in-new-zealand/) before Three Waters is more than just water. It`s about ownership of water. Maori have for a long time wanted ownership of water ,this bill gives them that by veto. The end goal is OWNERSHIP of WATER, the assets will remain in councils` ownership but NOT CONTROL. Passing  control to the entity set up by government. This entity will have veto by Maori over water.

Jacinda Ardern even if she wanted to, cannot get out of this Three Waters Reforms deal. Maori will not back down on this one. It`s only a guess but I think this will reach the point where she loses control of her government.

I believe she will quit because she will lose the support of New Zealand and of Maori. She has backed herself into a corner. If she quits many of her supporters will walk away from Labour and an election will not be far behind.

This is a WATERSHED MOMENT in our history. I don`t think the country will allow Three Waters Reforms to pass. If it passes it will be the end of this government with or without Jacinda Ardern. This bill is the watershed moment for Maori and the future of the Treaty in New Zealand.

What ever the outcome, this is the beginning of the end of Jacinda Ardern and her government. This is the main battle ground, so Groundswell NZ is just the right name for this battle. There are many battles being fought – health, education, etc., but this is their Waterloo

            This is a no win situation 

for Jacinda Arden

for the Government

for  Maori

and the people of New Zealand.


If you look at the source of water and where it has to go, you see mountains, rivers, hydro – it has to pass through many things to get to your tap. 




Government – when it`s  good news

Crown – when it`s  bad news.

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