What to expect from a government?



It`s interesting that when I started this blog, I had some set ideas after living in New Zealand for most of my life, apart from a few years living in Australia. Writing this blog has changed me in ways I did not expect. What I thought is that whether you are far left or far right, or somewhere in the middle, Maori or non-Maori, immigrant, or born here, is that you will be given the right through your vote to elect a government on the policies they proclaim. 

The problem  in New Zealand to date is the government changing the way that  system works. We can protest till the cows come home but if the government is set on changing the system our Parliament operates under, then all of us in New Zealand need the chance to vote on this one point. 

Do we want a divided parliamentary system, based on race? For this reason Parliament needs to be dissolved, a caretaker government appointed until an election can be held, so people can be given a chance to make a choice. Three Waters Reforms is a real good example of this form of government. If pasted Three Waters will effectively give control over water in New Zealand to Maori. Maori are saying  openly that water belongs to them and this bill will make it happen in giving veto over water.

My question is that what ever the outcome New Zealand never has had the chance to vote on this type of policy and every attempt to say “NO” (60 out of 67 councils said no) has been ignored by government. Three Waters Reform is much more than just water.

It is the future parliamentary direction  New Zealand is being pushed in. 

Do the right thing Jacinda Ardern, resign your government and give the country a chance to decide its future in a fair election. If people agree with you, you will have your mandate. 

                         GIVE NEW ZEALAND THE RIGHT TO CHOSE!

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