Wild winds of change( poem)

Wild winds
A country being destroyed from within

The feeling of dread for the year ahead.

Paradise lost by a deceiving liar

Surrounded by wayward intent

Our heritage and future put to risk

The freedoms and liberty

We know so well

Going down like pins in a bowling al

Another year would  be to much

To have to endure this Labour Hell.

Rise up New Zealand and take a stand

Take hold of your country lead by God`s hand.

This time next year we can rejoice

Got back our freedom to make a choice.

Let`s stand together on even ground, 

Not separated by Government attire

As our Queen reminisced in her Christmas cheer.

Look to the One, who makes the way Clear

Be not  lead away by godless design

Down a path, they say "Looks just fine".

This is the road to racial divide 

Resisting the Media, who have taken the silver

Promoting this woman, called Jacinda

Our country is falling away from restraint,

Law and order so bad, you want to faint.

Let`s return again to God`s  protection,

Peacefully living in thankful reflection.

(Poem: Original, the title “Wild Winds of Change” is similar to Wind of Change by the Scorpions)

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