Businesses are scared of govt retribution


Source Watch this you can see what we are dealing with in New Zealand

He is the saviour of the RATs. He’s the businessman who did the Government’s job for them, until they stiffed him, and he woke up to the fact that they are, indeed, the once over lightly frauds we have been telling you they are for close to four years. 

The debate is over the Ministry of Health’s admission that they requisitioned, or stole, RATs from private businesses that were, or were not, actually in the country as opposed to merely ordered. 

Either scenario is proof that this Government is inept. Whether you take RATs from a supplier who hasn’t dispatched them, or whether you take a RAT from a company that’s received them, it doesn’t matter. 

The point Sir Ian makes, and this must be hard for him to swallow, given if you read his piece in the Herald over the weekend, he voted for them. He was a supporter, until he realised who he was actually dealing with. 

So, listen to him last night and if you missed it read his piece over the weekend. His main point, and this is the really dark and disturbing part, as he asks why is he the one speaking out on behalf of others that are too scared to? And why are they too scared? 

Because the Government is threatening them. Speak out, you’ll lose supply. Talk against them, watch what happens. 

Sir Ian’s piece in the Herald over the weekend echoes the stance this Government takes against those who talk publicly. The collapse of the relationship between Sir Ian and the Government was on a conference call he was on with Ayesha Verrall and a countless number of paper pushers, when Verrall told Sir Ian to stop writing critical articles. At which point Sir Ian hung up, and the cold hard reality struck. 

It’s stand over stuff. It’s mafia behaviour. I’ve personally heard this stuff before. A very senior former member of the previous government told me he couldn’t talk about a certain subject, because the business he was now in feared retribution from the Government if he did. 

This is a vengeful government, it’s a nasty government, it’s the exact opposite of a kind government, and it’s exact opposite of an open, honest, and transparent government. 

Sir Ian Taylor is the latest of a growing number to realise it, and thank God, speak out. 

Sir Ian Taylor: Businesses fear consequences if they speak up


Sir Ian Taylor: Businesses fear consequences if they speak up

There are claims some businesses are too scared to speak up on the rapid antigen test debacle.  

The Ministry of Health indicated yesterday it took RATs ordered from overseas…and stock is already in the country.  

Covid Response Minister Chris Hipkins says that statement is unclear…and the Ministry’s told them it involved no requisitioning of businesses’ orders. 

Sir Ian Taylor told Heather du Plessis-Allan businesses are now asking him to speak on their behalf. 

“None of these major businesses can afford to speak truth to messages coming from the government because they fear the consequences of the supply to them.” 


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