Jacinda Ardern declared war on New Zealand

The PM and her government at war with the people of New Zealand!


(Unedited) Police Raid Freedom Village, Wellington, NZ Wednesday. March 2, 2022

It`s so sad to watch as the police attack the protesters in Wellington. Whether you agree with them or not, there in a way representing all of us in  different ways.

Jacinda Ardern is an absolute train wreck as a PM and leader. Her government is over seeing the bigest changes in our culture this country has ever seen. Control of large parts of New Zealand in the push towards what they call  “co-governance”.

 The farmers have been targeted like never before using climate as the excuse.

Our councils up in arms over Three Waters Reform that nobody wants all in the middle of pandamic.

So thank God for the Protesters, who have given us hope, that we can get rid of this Labour mess. 

Shame on you Labour and especially you, Jacinda Ardern!

Clip: Lenska/Matt

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