For many years of my life I cooked around New Zealand and one thing I learned is that you are only as good as the meal you cook today, not last week or month or two years ago. We have a prime minister in New Zealand desperate to reclaim the fame of times past. I have been searching to find what sets New Zealand apart from other countries in the world. What is it that makes us who we are. The fundamental thing we hold dear is “FAIRNESS” and that’s what`s lacking in this present government….

… fairness with Three Waters

…. fairness in our health system

…. fairness over race in New Zealand

…. fairness to our farmers

…. fairness over our culture

… fairness over our future as a nation of many cultures 

…. fairness over Human Rights

…. fairness over businesses 

The government is looking more desperate by the day, give people a chance to decide their own future.

Call an election!

We are over the nightmare you call “kind”!

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