Gun violence in New Zealand


This is something I really didn`t  want to write about, but with our prime minister talking in America about what she has done in NZ. I have put together some news articles and ask you to be the judge. Newstalk ZB is a very reliable news source.

Jacinda Ardern makes Amber Heard look like a girl guide. During her time as pm and since the gun `buy back scheme` here, in New Zealand. Gun violence has got totally out of control, its never been like this in NZ. We have murders, bashings all the time now, and a major gang problem, this government has feed. 

The greens having told them they are only in the gangs because of racism. To blame the gangs for all that`s happening is just not true. Taking guns away from law abiding people has done nothing… My point is not for guns or against, but the right to be safe. It starts in childhood in what kids watch. If you want   change, then maybe start there. Having been a caretaker in a young children`s school, it must be heartbreakingly painful beyond belief to see young lives lost  this way. Words almost get in the way at times like this 

Do not be sucked in by the smiling face of Jacinda Ardern we did in NZ and boy, have we paid the price. This woman has abused the position she was elected to. Our constitution is being destroyed. Her climate change agenda is putting so much pressure on our farmers. We have a divided country, where law and order is out the window. This is a government that is destroying our way of life. If you want to see where the left is taking the world, look  no further than NZ.   A creepy  PM  and a creepy government  People who have returned here after the pandemic  are leaving. The cost of living is really bad.  I can`t cover all as it would take forever.

– Auckland shooting – gang related – Newstalk ZB

– Auckland shooting – gang related – NZ Herald

Auckland shooting incident: Police investigating; believed to be gang-related

Police are investigating after what’s understood to be another gang-related shooting overnight, this time in Manurewa. 

Police cars lined Gibbs Rd in the south Auckland suburb this afternoon, and the end of the dead-end road was cordoned off. 

Attention was focused on a house next door to the Manurewa AFC grounds, which neighbours believed was a gang house. 

A number of gang members were gathered outside the police cordon this afternoon, some wearing King Cobra gang patches. 

Officers declined to comment but said a statement would be released later in the day. A scene examination was being conducted. 

Residents of the street said they hadn’t heard anything last night but one man had been told by police this morning that there had been a shooting at the property; he did not believe anyone had been hurt. 

The incident had left him feeling unsafe, and he wondered if he should be moving his young family away from the area. 

But he said he had lived on the street for five years and never had any problems with the people living in the house. 

“Sometimes they’re standing out at the gate and wave their hand at us… I don’t know what’s happening on that side of their life, but other than that, they’re friendly. 

“All the other people [on this street], you can ask them and I think they’ll say they’re friendly.” 

More to come 

– by Dubby Henry, NZ Herald

Auckland shooting – gang related – Newstalk ZB

Newstalk ZB – not the police to blame

About `Three Strikes`

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Our country is still worth a visit and this government will soon be gone…

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