Part 2 / Tidal wave coming – American dollar as reserve currency

This week has been incredible, so many things happening it’s hard to know where to start.

I will carry on where I left off last time. The oil trade is done in US dollars as it’s the world reserve currency used for trading oil. There have in the past been attempts to break this control by some countries. I won’t list them as I want to keep this as short as possible. Some form of sanctions usually follows with many reasons given. The attempted destruction of that countries` economy soon follows. 

We have reached a point in the world where a lot of oil is locked up because of America’s grip on the oil trade. Same countries have decided to go it alone. Guess who? Russia, China, Iran, to name a few. They are trading oil in their own currency as part of BRICS. There is an awful lot more to say about this but covered by much writing by many experts. I have included a YouTube item by Tucker Carlson, this is truly frightening. If this is true, we might be closer to all-out war than we think, maybe it’s time for some peace talks to see if there is a possible end to this. I don’t see an olive branch being offered anywhere…. 

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