Why I think Labour will go for a snap election

 1.  After Grant Robertson’s trip to America. He will know that the economy is going to be in big trouble next year.

2. He has already started taking shots at National saying an election is not far away.

3. The polls are still high enough; Labour think they can win. Won’t be so next year.

4.A lot of people still don’t know just how really bad this lot are.

5. This is there last chance

6. There is no way out for three waters

7. No way out for their green madness.

8… They will try for a mandate

9.locial councils sent them a clear message

10. J . A. leaves while ahead (only a maybe)

11.  They can blame everything on covid

12.They can’t give much away in an election year

      after what happened to Liz Truss


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