Three waters I wrote this last year(made A few changes)

Māori religion, and Spirituality are very connected to nature – land, sea, water, etc. and their view has a long history, regarding the seventy (70) odd gods, that are referred to in Maoridom now. I respect their right to believe in whatever they want. The need for religious tolerance is paramount in our society, but this belief is in total opposition to the Crown! At the time of signing the Treaty the Crown was and still is a Christian based Monarchy and the King is the Defender of the Faith. The God that the King follows states very clearly in the first two Commandments (Exodus 20:2-17, Exodus 34:14, Deuteronomy 5:6-21) that there is only one God and no others. This cannot be rejected, or it negates the Treaty!

Coming back to Three Waters, Nanaia Mahuta is clearly not moved by the anger over the proposals, she is trying to implement and push ahead regardless of the opposition of 60 of the 67 councils in New Zealand. Here lies the problem! We have a Minister representing the Crown when her heart is clearly with her people, and so brings into focus the Treaty. The Crown represented by Government is in name only and the real power lies with the Government of the day, rubber stamped by the Governor General. I don`t know if when the Treaty was signed whether anyone ever thought that the people signing would someday rule this land. But that`s pretty much what is happening as the Government moves towards 50/50 government – that is proposed in He Puapua. So, Three Waters is just part of that move as it would give veto over all drinking, storm and wastewater. I would be writing all day if I tried to cover all the changes that are being forced on New Zealand, with no respect to other opinions and always referring to the Treaty. The Māori perspective has made for a vary lopsided view of our future.

Any challenge to the Treaty process ends up in long and expensive court cases which are doomed to fail as Māori have the experience and financial capability to keep going. There are a small army involved in Wellington on the job full time. If you lose a court case, it only makes it a precedent for future Māori claims. Any politician who has tried to stand against the Treaty is committing political suicide. With the exception of Winston Peters, his comments in 2011, in regard to the Treaty have come to pass. He has been right about where we would end up. Love him or hate him…. He has been rock solid on this and is one of the few that`s been able to voice this.

I have included some clips about our constitution or lack of and where the Treaty fits by people who should know. But it is clear, that even they are vague and talked about how complicated it all is. If they don`t know, what hope is there for the rest of us? We seem to have a mixed bag of bits and pieces.

God`s authority overrides man`s authority!

So, any attempt to form a partnership with any other god(s) cannot happen. There can be no 50/50 government in New Zealand, not now or in the future. Whether you are a believer or not makes no difference. This is the system we operate under and offers protection to all New Zealanders. 

So, we are in a constitutional crisis in New Zealand and need to go to the VOTE for two reasons.            1 /  to give people the chance to decide the future direction of New Zealand
                                    a/ whether that be Maori
                                    b/ part Maori (50/50)
                                    c/ or a Democracy – where all races are treated equal.

            2/ to decide by referendum the future of the Treaty – simple answer `YES` or `NO` on whether it’s no longer fit for purpose

all attempts to get the government to listen have been ignored.



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