Well, was there Tuesday for the one man protest as planned. Ended up just me which was fine.

This is something I have wanted to do since I started a blog. There were so many positives from this trip I will share a few.

I was not allowed near the steps of parliament with my protest flags and the security Guard questioned me whether I had permission from the speaker to be there. I was well treated while there.

It was good to see the grounds restored and to see groups of young children coming and going to look at our parliament.

There is still in my mind lingering memories of the last days of protest. I have never been anti vax but am starting to wonder who is really right. Only time will tell and I don’t think we will know till there is a change of government .

I still feel shocked when I think about how this was handled.

Looking up at the kids slide

there is a sign with two names on it Trevor Mallard and Jacinda Ardern, kind of sums it up.

I felt a real sadness for the original protesters, when their right to not agree, was squashed

What has happened since, is that protest has become a dirty word and you are judged guilty by association

It’s one of the reasons I was happy to protest alone.

Will any of this make any difference, probably not. But responsibility for our future lies with each of us and we can bring about change by doing the little things collectively.

I have put forward some ideas. if you just do one it’s a start, we can make things better together.

The three parties putting forward polices that will help put us on the road to recovery are Act, National, and New Zealand first. Just an email to the leaders of these parties can have such a positive effect and encouragement.

Ask those leaders to look at ways the media can be regulated to produce more honest reporting, we can’t make sound decisions without the facts.

National has indicated a focus on education.

My feeling is something like a coordinator to bring together parents regardless of culture, to get kids back to school. To help those kids with special needs, I was one of those, find hope and an exciting future. I was caretaker at bluff school for ten years and saw what a good principal could do in the lives of children who find school hard. It starts at home, if there is respect for different cultures and authority kids don’t have to take sides and know where the boundaries are.

There are so many things that we can do, will post more as they come up

I meet a couple while protesting, from the UK and was asked if i was in charge what would be the first thing I would change. Such a good question. as i always think someone else will make those choices for me. I have made a start what about you

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