The tragedy unfolding in New Zealand without the people’s consent

The tragedy unfolding in New Zealand as the Labour government changes 182 years of governance under the Crown.

 There is no doubt that this is a Coup d’état. Made to look like something else. The hardest thing for people both overseas and here in New Zealand is to understand what is actually happening. This is so cleverly disguised as something it’s not. A good part of the population still doesn’t know what’s happening. If you live in Australia or UK or America, this could be your future.

At the heart of what’s happening, and the deception being used to achieve this, is an upgrade to our water waste and storm infrastructure.

Nearly every council in New Zealand has said no to this. You may ask, how come people don’t know what’s going on, because there is an attachment to race in this legislation. Media avoids talking about, to not look racist, so many here in New Zealand only see what the government want them to see. Also, millions have been paid to media that support their polices. I have included a clip by a former Labour party member and MP

 The government has indicated it will pass legislation before Christmas, that will overthrow182 years of governance with a system, where tribal control will have precedence over the established government and law, without the consent of the people of New Zealand.

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