New Zealand’s toxic political environment

This week we have seen vary clearly the government and the greens true colors in regard to three waters. There is no doubt that they have tried to entrench this legislation to make it very hard to change.

Thats bad but not the worst part. It puts in doubt all the legislation that’s before us. the origins of three waters, is nothing like what’s before us now. (Plus the add- Ons coastal and geothermal)

Entrenchment throws up some serious issue’s if three waters became law .

There needs to be an independent investigation into the formulation of this legislation and into its impact on our constitution, as such as it is. I have said it many times and still do so many have no idea what’s happening. People are tired out with reform; David Lange pulled the plug on reform when he saw that people had had enough. I was talking with someone yesterday, they don’t watch tv anymore just movies and I know of others who do the same.

To pass three waters would be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed in New Zealand

The move to implement Māori control over water will be unprecedented. The amount of ill will be the same.

How will Māori feel when this legislation is repealed, as has been promised by National and Act . The future looks full of trouble. The costs involved in repealing this will be enormous and still our water won’t be fixed.

This is a no win for anybody. If you look at the sacking of the government in Australia in1975 there were no long term winners, and the ILL WILL is still there to this day.

Labour and the Greens the future of good race relations in this country rests in your hands.

put this bill in the bottom draw and let’s get on with fixing the problem and getting along with one another

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