Some possible funding ideas for three waters replacement to provide low-cost finance to councils to fix their own water with the help of a water regulator

Here are some discussion points in regard to funding water infrastructure in New Zealand

There would be some cost to individuals and business up front, but if we were to abandon the insurance Scheme proposed by labour we would have a positive outcome and far less money going out of our pockets.

Instead of borrowing more money.

A fund set up by government to collect a levy by councils through rates for water services upgrades

an initial $100 per household on rates payable in one hit or spread over5 years

$40 leavy per year for 5 years on households

$500 not deducible per business in one hit or spread over 5 years

$200 leavy per year

a one-off deductible donation by business that can afford to support the establishment

of this fund

yearly top up by the government to get water infrastructure up to scratch

a provision for councils with low population density to have their loans forgiven.

when you look at estimates by the present government of $1500 $ 9000 that’s the bill in your letterbox

funding up front where possible is far better than indebting our country further.

The figures here are just conceptual in line with this idea, I am sure there will be many other ways this could be done, look forward to hearing them.

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