Here come the Nat’s

back from the dead

avenged by the guy 

with the good-looking bald head 

long gone the battle with Simon Who

As Labour lines up for the final pay

 people had enough of EVs weather

and sad battles afar

and green patches laid in parliament`s grave.

The push for cars without enough plugs

when most can`t even afford a couple a jugs

welcome back Winston, time to hang up the rod

tick off past mistakes and enter the fray,

farmers need your help making some hay.

there’s David, not on the fence, 

can`t wait to see, keep us not in suspense.

Te Pati Māori looks like you`ll be there 

look forward to hearing a welcome song 

a voice not wasted on parliament`s throng

let’s plan for the future without this green Labour hell,

where living in New Zealand

 will be so swell

(Original poem)

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