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What`s wrong with James Show lately?

Has James Shaw just decided he doesn’t give a flying fig what voters  think of him anymore? 

It turns out James hasn’t gone into MIQ after coming back from his trip to the climate conference in Glasgow.  He got permission to isolate at home. 

This is a surprise because the Prime Minister poured cold water on that idea when she was asked about it.  

“I don’t think it’s likely at this stage,” she said in September.   

The fact that she deliberately played it down and then no one said anything about the change in plans until the Nats dug it up means James and Jacinda can be accused of trying to hide this.  

And they would have good reason to do that, because it looks bad. 

Logic tells you all kiwis stuck offshore should be allowed to do this too. They should also be allowed to come home in time for Christmas and should be allowed to do that by isolating at home if they’re double jabbed. 

But not all kiwis can get government favours, can they?  

So, it’s special treatment for James.  

First, he gets a special exemption to go into MIQ which tens of thousands of expat kiwis are scrapping for. 

And then when that’s really too inconvenient, he gets a special exemption to instead hang out at home presumably with his family. 

The Greens really should be re-asking themselves whether James is the right guy to be their leader because his political judgement has been off a number of times lately. 

Remember the $12m he hooked up for the green school just before the last election?  

Then there was taking MIQ spots from desperate kiwis offshore.  

Now they’re skipping MIQ altogether.  

How do you think expats are going to react to that?  

Often the expat kiwis vote so heavily for the greens it can end up giving the greens another seat after election day.  

Do you think those voters overseas are going to like James for having the privilege of cruising straight back home while they’re banned from doing the same until mid-January?  

I wouldn’t’ think so.  

So you have to wonder, what is wrong with James Shaw lately? 

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