Well, its arrived the last time Jacinda Ardern will be in parliament, the end of her political career.

I must admit I have struggled to come up with the right emotions as this comes to pass.

 Prime Minister is a role that deserves respect. And with all the Anti woman rhetoric going on, my personal position is to stand with the women. So, this makes it even harder. I believe regardless of gender we should have the right to be our best selves ..

There will be much side taking as to weather JA was a good PM .I am not going to get into that.

The thing that I will never forget is the day the protest was crushed. I still feel the shock and sadness of that day. I have said it before, something died that day in our country.( I think it was our innocence. )

My hope is that there will be a healing of our nation and a way forward, where everyone will have a place in a society built on truth fairness, peace and respect.

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