Do look up! from march 2022


Well, the dust has settled to some degree after the happening of last week at Parliament. I intended to wait till the government  finish their white wash of what happened, but see they are using the usual approach to deflect  to other things. What happened that day changed our country in ways that I have never seen before in my life time. Something died on the grounds of Parliament and in our government and every facet of our society.

How did we all end up at this place? How did we allow a government to take us there? How is it possible that the other parties in Parliament went along with this and the one I cannot believe is the Māori position through all of this. 

I`m still stunned: I`ve witnessed something catastrophic and am trying to process it in a way that makes sense. This riot that ended that day is absolutely landed at your feet, Jacinda Ardern, your excuses for not engaging with the protesters are lame at best. And really, you could not stand the fact that people don`t  agree with your view of the world. What you did was attack the protesters` character, singling out some for special insult there by giving you the excuse to not engage with the rest. 

Truth is, your pride is evident for all to see.

You than allowed Trevor Mallard to turn the sprinklers on and soak the protesters with a major storm coming in, followed by loud music. Your behavior as a prime minister  and Labour Party member is appalling. This will never be forgotten. You are an absolute shame, seeking ways to keep yourself in front of the cameras. I`m no longer interested in anything you have to say about anything. You did the one thing that nobody should have to contend with and that`s you took away the dignity of the protestors. You made the protest look dirty and taking away the showers was the last straw.

The other parties all have a part in this too.

– Christopher Luxon what were you thinking to be drawn into this web? Your distain for the protesters was plain to see.

– Then we have the Green Party. You meet with gang members but not protesters. Are they not of value to? You talk about climate change and all to do with saving the planet and yet, you stay quiet as the PM takes away the low daily rate for power users. A lot of people who use or are going to use alternative energy benefit from these low rates. I`ve been waiting for you to say something but not a word! I have a doubt you will be there after the next election.

–  Act Party: all I say is stop sitting on the fence!

– Now, we come to Te Pati Maori total silence! For someone who started with a roar. Your silence during this time was deafening. 

– Now we come to iwi around the country: your silence is shameful. Sunday morning I watched on Māori tv one of your elders speaking about a quote from the Bible  about returning good for evil. If you thought the protesters were bad why didn`t you engage with them?

There were so many of your people there at the protest but you did nothing. Two people stand out, Winston Peters, who went and made a connection and talked. And the one that really stood out to me was  Dame Turiana Turia. Took one old lady to speak wisdom, the only one!

I have lost respect for Māori leadership. Willie Jackson, you should hang your head!

It was good to see everyone singing the National Anthem together in unity. 

Farewell Protesters – you have touched the hearts of so many New Zealanders!

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