Watershed Moment

Jacinda Ardern`s Watershed Moment Opinion: Groundswell NZ is having a big demonstration this Sunday all over New Zealand (Mother of all Protests). Included in this is also about Three Waters Reforms that the government is trying to impose on the whole country, which most of the councils in New Zealand have said "NO" to. There is … Continue reading Watershed Moment

Jacinda Ardern tries to suppress the media

Opinion: PM Jacinda Ardern trying to shut down the media, one brave reporter wouldn`t have a bar of it. Watch the lady behind the PM, if looks could kill.... The New Zealand government is paying $51 million dollars to media that promote  their agenda. https://youtu.be/129W5xT1ua8 Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tried to prevent media asking about … Continue reading Jacinda Ardern tries to suppress the media

How well do you know your PM?

You will know them by their fruits Matthew 7:15-20  Opinion: I have put together some clips that I hope show just what New Zealand has got for a prime minister. So, what`s behind all the smiles and non stop talking.... I think you will be surprised what Jacinda Ardern thinks about capitalism  As a country … Continue reading How well do you know your PM?