The Rhythm of Life (poem)

Photo:SW The Rhythm of Life  The spawn of winter Colours of fawn Fading days of summer forlorn Lingering rays over misty dale Smile of a stranger supermarket bent The smell of Bar b`s onion and sauce Raising money what ever the cause Hard working mothers and dad to boot Rugby raises for distant route The … Continue reading The Rhythm of Life (poem)

Wild winds of change( poem)

Wild winds A country being destroyed from within The feeling of dread for the year ahead. Paradise lost by a deceiving liar Surrounded by wayward intent Our heritage and future put to risk The freedoms and liberty We know so well Going down like pins in a bowling al Another year would be to much … Continue reading Wild winds of change( poem)

Clouds of the future(poem)

A government determined to pull it all down Rebuilding it with Jacinda`s crown. A country divided against itself, cannot stand in harmony, A future poor is what it will be. This socialist philosophy Intent on destroying democracy. The right to go for a swim at the beach, or climb a mountain full of fresh air … Continue reading Clouds of the future(poem)